subject- is typically one word, not a feeling. can establish the authors tone. What it is about. for example with cats in the cradle is about regret. no more then 3 words.

Mood- emotional response. different then tone. “my feelings”.

Tone- is the attitude takes toward the subject. example; lonely.

Imagery- language that evokes the five senses: sight, sound,taste,smell,touch. example- little boy blue and the man on the moon.

To Kill A Mocking Bird Themes
Good vs Bad
morality; understand the bad times, appreciate the good. Can not judge.
innocence  “naive”
justice & judgement


What point of view is used in the story?
– 3rd person

Describe the character of Charlie.
– energetic, vivacious

Is he a round or flat character?
– round

Is he static or dynamic?
– forced to live static, but is dynamic

Include any physical or emotional characteristics that are mentioned in the story. Where is he from? What is his family like?
– live 8 hours away, mom cooks good, changing, dad is out of picture.

How does the author feel about the residential school system? Support your answer with a specific line from the story.
– Schools aren’t beneficial, because they can’t hunt or trap. not a fan.

Nature imagery is used throughout the story. What is the purpose of these images? Include a specific image from the story in your answer.
– Irony, nature are close to aboriginals

Describe the attitude of the priests and teachers towards the students at the school. Support your answer with two specific lines from the story.
– strict, cold, they are better then the children, forceful.

What is the purpose of including the thoughts of the teacher and the father?
– varying perspectives.

What is the invisible thing that bothers Charlie? How do you know?
– lonely, pain.. emotions

Word choice is very important in the story. It helps the reader imagine the setting. One line reads “Charlie prepared for the best part of his incarceration”. Why does the author choose to describe the school in this way?
– the school is imprisonment

Snow is a constant symbol throughout the story. List all of the references you can find to snow. Why do you think this might be included?
– is what claims him

Discuss the comparison of “Whites” in the story to wolves. Why do you think this is used?

What is Charlie’s father most afraid of? Why does he say the boys are “driven by the shame of their own uselessness”?
–  Ashamed they can not do anything. stuck without tools.

What conflict occurs in the story? Identify the conflict (or conflicts) and also provide an example


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