Social Studies

 HUMAN RIGHTS Equality doesn’t always mean the same. equal, but not always fair.

10 HUMAN RIGHTS 1. we’re all born equal. 2. the right to life 3. no slavery 4. no torture 5. you have rights no matter where you go 6. innocent till proven guilty 7. 8. 9. 10.

Hammurabi– 1754 BC had an idea for an eye for an eye. The code consisted of 282 laws. ex. if you hurt my slave, I hurt yours. Sexual issues, family issues, paternity issues, wages. If you say someone did something wrong, and can’t prove it, you die. Robbery= dead. simple laws, but wordy.

Machiavelli– later 1400’s. Italian man. His approach to government “the ends justifies the means”. Buddah- life is always changing. ALWAYS work toward true enlightenment. Positive way, speak the truth. Ethics, ethics, ethics. Everyone deserves respect. Be called to do work. We all have a calling. Honesty, truth, love, positivity. 3 groups of aboriginals: Metis, First nation, Inuit. SLAVERY Slavery; buying and selling people for work and sexual pleasures, owned. Enslaved; bought & sold into slavery. //1619// process of seasoning, fear. Learned European language, gave European name. Wanted slaves who didn’t know the land, took 2-6 weeks to get them from the Caribbean, low escape possibilities, pick them out in a white community, immunity of diseases; why not enslave the Native  population? Slaves had Sundays off, could not leave home without pass, no groups, no weapons, no legal marriage, no speaking in court. Resistance; alcohol, no babies Punishment; whipping, tongue cut off, branding, gagged, and other tortuous methods were used. Sept 22,1862 there was  proclamation to end slavery, did nothing rebellion on Jan 1,1863 Abraham was elected in 1860 without any southern electoral votes. first civil war: north(liberal) vs south. North fought to preserve the union, South fought for slavery. Civil war, south lost. Law had to be changed, 13th amendment to the constitution; no slavery.

WHAT ELSE?  child slavery, Sex slave trade, Porn, blood diamonds, drug industry, child solider, chocolate industry, s;avery in the world today would approximately be 20-30 million. Canada has no national action plan for human trafficking serfdom; pyramid = kings & peasants

JIM CROW LAWS: white school/black school blacks&whites can’t play together. white train/black train whites were chosen. both de facto & de jure whites had to be served first, blacks&whites can’t eat together Black man can’t offer a lighter to a white woman for a smoke. white motorist over ruled at an intersection at all costs.

Martin Luther King = non violent. 1929-1968 christian man; minister, bible. Educated; theology, sociology married; family man. Stick together,believe in yourself no right to vote barred from public facilities insults and violence not expect justice from the courts won noble peace prize 1965 April 4 1968, James Earl Ray assassinated King 1961 JFK(35th president) beat Nixon Segration: de facto- unwritten, traditions de jure- legal segregation through written laws

Rosa Parks -1995 not giving her seat up, started the move of civil rights. I Have A Dream project: world friends family enemies myself national community province school town passions for world problems 5 minutes. Gavrilio Princip: Shot Arch Duke & the wife (Royal Family) siting in coffee shop walked out and killed him the bullet from his gun started the first world war.

Ban Ki Moon: “Many say our world is at a tipping point..” boss of UN

Benito Mussolini: same side as Germany defeated Ethiopia hung for his people to see “Superman image” Thomas Edison: greatest inventor of 20th century

Woodrow Wilson: 1918 peace talks “Wilson’s fourteen points to peace”

Vladimer Lenin: preserved in kremlin Moscow “all communist leaders of the 20th century learned from me..”

John F Kennedy: “And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country” Assassinated in Dallas Texas helped prevent world war 3 from happening in Cuba Mao Zedong: brought communism to the largest population in the world in 1947 over 50 million people were killed “My people worshiped me..”

Dr. Martain Luther King Jr: The dream lives on even though i was later assented in Memphis, Tennesee Non violence

Ho Chi Minh: Gardener, pastry chef, world traveler Communist and first defeated the french, later my people defeated the States.

Winston Churchill: “bull dog” Saved the world from Nazis rule during World War 2 RUSSIA was divided in 2 groups , very rich / very poor (serfs) Serfs; peasants communist gov to work the majority of people need to be forced to work, not usually fair working conditions 1905- Russia lost war vs Japan; angered the serfs & workers. Jan 22, thousands of people marched on the winter palace to ask Czar Nicholas for reforms; palace troops shot in the crowd, this became known as “Bloody Sunday” more riots came after 1917- so many riots, Czar steps down afterward him and his family are murdered Bolsheviks- wanted change (Lenin)    VS    Mensheviks- Monarchy, preserve Cazr Nick (the king) Tsar Nicholas last name is Romanov Lenin brings communism to Russia: 1917- took control 1922- Lenin reorganized the country and named it Soviet Union

Why Communism? a theory that says the govern should own the farms and factories for the benefit of all the citizens, everyone should share the work equally & receive an equal share of the rewards socialism = capitaliste & communist (mix between) own your own property and the government gives healthcare RESULTS OF TESTS : Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.53.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.41.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.32.52 PM Are you more conservative or liberal? -I am more Liberal then conservative. What does it mean to be conservative? What does it mean to be liberal? – A conservative is based my religion and is old fashioned, conservatives are not open to change. – A liberal is very open and is based off of being equal and liberty is important. Did you agree or disagree with your results? – I agree with my results, it is pretty accurate. I am super open minded and all for being successful if you put in the effort. I am happy with change as long as it is for the better of the country. Who were the Bolsheviks? Who were the Mensheviks? Why do we need to talk about the Russian Revolution? Who wrote the Communist Manifesto? Who brought communism to Russia? Who brought communism to China? What are the 5 communist countries? How do communism and capitalism differ? What is socialism? Political prison: kept against their will. imprisoned because they don’t agree with the government 200,000 people in Korea right now in camps; 50% that go in are dead reeducation camps What is xenophobia? ‘noun’ intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Perpetrators torture is inflicted by instigation or with the consent of a public official or other person acting in a official capacity. most likely to be involved: police, military, paramilitary forces, also health professionals, legal and death squads the Nuremberg trials: trials after 2nd world war to put them on trial Genocide the killing of a large group of people; especially those of ethnic group The Kurds ancient Iranian city spread out across several nations in middle East, war 1980. It was estimated more then 180,000 Kurds were killed based on trying under Saddam Hussein’s rule promoting peaceful living. The Maori Rwandan Genocide  the euros divided two groups Rwandan (rich) & Tutsis (poor) 1990’s a revolt began:poor rose up. hundreds of thousands were killed. machete mostly ammunition was too expensive, rape, mutilation & deliberate spread of disease were also used as tools of terror. Pygmy Genocide Central Africa, adult males are less then 59 inches tall, suffered terribly during congolese civil wars fought in the region, being eaten by other tribes; (cannibalizing) Ethnocentrism; YOUR way is right. the native american genocide 1942 in South America, Francisco Pizarro slaughtered the Inca. disease-notably smallpox-no immune, hundreds of thousands were dead. TEST monism- means one God. evolution of human rights 10 human rights hammurabis law of code – ability to human rights . eye for an eye Machiavelli – ends justify the means buddasim triangle facism  United Nations (grandma) and NATO (papa)   UN: international law, security, human rights and social progress (192 members) New York maintain Peace & security promote sustainable development / protect human rights / international law / deliver human aid NATO: decisions & consultations operations & missions partnerships developing the means to respond to threats 1900-1914 (1900’s) most lived on farms (rural) silent films horses white&black Henry Ford, modle t (1908) car The Wright bros, 57 secs in the air (1903) fly where do people come from? why? Prosperity, adventure Inequalities existed.. – poor, very poor – rich, very rich – women seen as less equal then men; couldn’t vote -poverty -class system Suffragist!

WOMAN FIGHTING FOR: -prohibition -education -prison reform -factory reform -rights for women and children -people are living longer – 70 percent were farming Liberalism, equality human progress, Democracy authoritarian not much of a say Most believed authoritarian was a way of the world most rulers opposed universal suffrage imperialism GOLD (resources, wealth) , GLORY (soldiers,fight, honour), GOD (impose Christianity) Europe was in a race: more colonies, $$$, military, power, jealousy. why counties go to war? money land power stupidity religon four causes for ww1 -Rising Nationalism -growth of imperialist nations -alliances were being built -armies were amped up 4 underlying causes of world war 1 1.ecomic rivalry 2.nationalism arms race alliance systems leaders found out economics was true foundation -German Kaiser Wilhelm 2 (grandson to Britain’s Queen Victoria) -both in arms race against each other -scared Bias- one side opinion, often perceived as prejudice


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